Climate change is alarming and overwhelming. And there is really only one solution: to dramatically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. There are many emission sources, so almost every person can reduce their climate footprint by recycling, reusing and . For example, flying less, driving more fuel-efficient cars, using solar panels.

Marine biologist, Enric Sala, has worked on Leonardo DiCaprio’s documentary, Before the Flood. In an interview, Sala was asked, "What do you think are the most important things ordinary people can do to address these big problems?"

Sala answered, "There are so many things people can do. But if it were one thing, I’d say eat more vegetables and less meat. One of the biggest ecological footprints is our meat consumption. To raise cattle, forests are being cut down, especially in the developing world, and that creates a huge amount of emissions. Cattle also release methane, which is a powerful greenhouse gas." Sala added, "I rarely eat meat, and I have never felt better."

The large-scale production of animal protein is the second leading cause of global warming, and the book, Meat Climate Change, cites hundreds of scientific studies on this issue.